Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Blood Type Diet

People are always looking for a new, innovative approach to weight loss success. The Blood Type Diet offers a new way of looking at the way that we eat. The focus is on our circulatory systems and the specific type of blood in our systems. This unique approach may or may not hold water but it may be worth looking into for more information.
The Blood Type Diet is the brainstorm Peter D’Adamo. He believes that each blood type needs to have a specific eating plan catered to its general features. If you following the eating plan specified for your type you should be able to see great reduction in extra pound in a short while.
I find little wonder in that. I have A positive blood and my eating plan includes fruits and vegetables. This is not the ideal plan for a high protein weight loss fan. There are plenty of carbohydrates and not much of anything else on the type A plan. I have to agree that I will probably lose weight, but who wouldn’t?
The type A’s should not eat any diary or meat. Basically, we are the vegetarian group. This is really bad news for me because I like to eat a well balanced collection of foods. I never like to completely cut anything out of my eating plan. The Blood Type Diet may be a little restrictive for some.
However, the Blood Type Diet is not just about weight loss and weight regulation. This plan is designed to address a person’s general health. The people who fall under the type A category have certain health characteristics that are outlined by the Blood Type Diet. There are reasons to avoid dairy and meat for this group that goes beyond weight.
There is also the fact that the type A group can still enjoy fish and chicken on the plan. Realistically, I just don’t see myself sticking to the Blood Type Diet for long. Nevertheless, I am going to give it a serious try. We are not just dealing with maintaining a healthy weight; we are concerned with overall health.
I figure that I will give the plan two short weeks. If I feel better, have more energy and if I have dropped a few pounds I may continue the Blood Type Diet. I would rather feel great and be healthy than eat meat and dairy and day.


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